ICT Brokerage Event in Dublin, 13th - 14th of February 2017

 A core deliverable of the project relates to Transnational Cooperation and the ability of the four consortium regions and the partners therein to facilitate such interaction. Embedded in this framework is the concept of domain knowledge transfer, the transfer of expertise and the opportunity to assist local companies in the four regions to internationalise. In order to support this an ICT Brokerage event will be held on 13th and 14th of February 2017, in Dublin, to enable ten (10) ICT focused organisations from each of the four regions to meet with the goals of: 
·        Arranging one to one meetings between those regional companies;
·        Supporting the long-term transnational interaction between those companies beyond the lifetime of the project; 
·        Creating a catalyst for other companies to participate in such a framework in the future. 

The ultimate objectives are that sustainable and synergistic activity unfolds leading to growth in both revenue and talent acquisition for the organisations involved as well as exchange of knowledge, products, processes and best practices between participating organisations. 

Watch an overview from the successful ICT Brokerage Event here.


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